The Halloween that never ends…


November 1, 2011 by sfrick08

Oops, once again, LIFE TOOK OVER and I have been a bad blogger. And once again, we will be doing a RECAP. Also, I have been brainstorming in all this time (I have been MEANING to blog, just haven’t had time) and have come up with some fun ideas to shake up the style of the blog, so get excitedddd! Anyways, lets get started! Halloweekend!


arugula, cucumber, carrots, white onion, pepperjack cheese, pepper on top

Homework, ate the BOMB salad above, class, internship, zoomed home, took a run in my FAB pants (got stared at A LOT at intersections, people were jealous, obvi), then met up with the roomies to attend our apartment Halloweeen party in costume. This was why I was wearing the pants in the first place, I was going as an 80s/90s workout person. It was awesome.

the sweat you see is quite real

Not so awesome though because NO ONE ELSE was dressed up. It was awkward. But I didn’t really care (even though the bathing suit I had on top was giving me a wedgie as I tried to stuff as much candy onto a plate in front of everyone) because I barely know anyone who lives here, so whaaaatever.

After, we had a Vegas Nights party. I wore the smallest dress I own in practice for MY REAL VEGAS TRIP after finals ($35 airfare ROCKS MY SOCKS!)! The party got broken up quickly, so we all headed to the bars as usual. I crammed into a car with like 7 of my guy friends, and when we got to the bar the bouncers were like HEYYY COME ON IN (to just me). I think all the boys were impressed. I actually get embarassed because it proves how often I’m there (oops!). Being 21 is a rough life… haha jk.


Internship, class where we were working with statistical programs on the computer (SAS & R–ie KILL ME). I wanted to run out of class, but I don’t do things like that so I forced myself to look at Foodgawker and read blog posts to pass the time. I learned a lot…

After that, I went to my friend Hilary’s apartment where I saw this lurking and almost was too petrified to get out of my car!


We hung out for awhile and then went to a fraternity philanthropy where you got to carve pumpkins! So fun! I made mine a classic Halloween face just like I used to when I was a little kid.

Then me and Hilary went on an epic long date. We went out to dinner and split shrimp tacos which were pretty good, but I think they could have used some sort of marinade or something, they needed some ZING. I don’t know whether I would go back to the restauarant we got them from, seeing as its the same place that turns the bar that we are always at. It was a little odd thinking of how many people have been trashed around where they serve food. I went to the bathroom, and instead of girls crying or getting sick, there was some mom and her child talking about pee. It was odd. Haha. Then we went to safeway to stock up on drinks (and baby food in my case, I am SO WEIRD if you hadn’t noticed yet) and then to Big 5 to get Handwarmers (ie, the best invention for freezing partying).

Then the first night of Halloween commenced. We were going to go to a fraternity party, but took one look at the line of freshman and decided the bars were better. We went to a bunch of different ones early on while they were offering no covers so that we could take our pick once everyone else got to the bars. I had so many stamps on my hands it was disgusting (and they didn’t wash off! I can still see one! And I promise I’ve showered every day since!). The night was okay, just kindof weird because there were a lot of people in town that you could tell did NOT live here. I got catcalled a lot (and I was NOT wearing a slutty outfit–I was a pinata :) ) and I just don’t like that, its scuzzy and makes me feel gross.

At one point, some guy seemed to be trying to make his friend feel better, so while we were leaving the bar he said “wouldn’t you settle for one of THEM”. I was horrified by that rude comment and made sure to tell him that people don’t settle for us. I was feeling very fiesty this night (probably a combo of basically being sober, tired and being overwhelmed by icky people) and so I was apt to be rude to any of these people that were being icky right to my face. But whatever, gotta stand up for yourself, and its not like I was getting into fights, just making sure people knew that I wasn’t going to just let them say things like that.

Anways, there was only one bright spot of this night and it cannot super be discussed. Lets just say I made a new realization and its made me quite giddy :)


Ate this quesadilla for lunch. Sauteed mushrooms, onions and red peppers in minced garlic and lime juice, with avocado and pepperjack cheese. Literally best thing ever. 

The “real” night of halloween. I went on my 2 miler at some point this day. I think it was later in the day because all I did this day was read for my grad school class and bake. I baked these puppies (Double Chocolate Oreo cookies, btw I used white chocolate instead, I liked the color combo better!), so freaking nummy…

And then decided to make these… (Candy Stuffed cookies)

Almost even nummier.

I don’t think I have ever washed as many dishes as I had on this day! Then we had a bunch of people over for a pregame. Usually pregames just involve alcohol, but this one included a whole plethora of baked goods (cookies, caramel corn popcorn mix, vegan chocolate pumpkin bars). Yep, my apartment has problems (my roomie Debbie always says she lives with professional bakers).

We had a great time, and eventually headed out after lots of pictures and lots of snacks were eaten! Such a good idea to have food with the alcohol haha.

This night I dressed as Wonderwoman. I LOVED my costume! And it didn’t cost me a thannnng. I went cheapo this year. Baking supplies are more important than costumes haha. Anyways we went to a fraternity for awhile, but there were (again) too many people so we went to the bars pretty quickly (the usual bar, why do I always say “bars”, we only really go to ONE!).

the girls!

I had a much better time this night. We danced most of the night and eventually I walked home with another guy who lives in my complex. I had worn my heels out and my feet were KILLING me so I walked barefoot for awhile until he realized my feet were still crying (I must have been whining haha) so he gave me his loafers to finish the walk with. Haha! So so funny!


STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY. Suckeddddd. I have no means of paying attention anymore. Its brutal.


7 hours of class that felt like 12 today. I had to drink my weight in caffienated drinks and eat 5 billion chocolate covered espresso beans to stay awake. Ouchies.

I had to finish my paper due TODAY but it was quite the struggle. I didn’t think I would be able to handle my long run, but I played my cards right. I got to the tready at 6:15 and made sure to pick one central to a TV and then went and charmed the ARC worker so he would change the channel for me. He was EXTRA nice and turned on Food Network first and then came back in 15 minutes to change it to Jeopardy (I think he was flirting with me, well actually I semi am SURE of it. But hey, if he will be my personal TV changer during my long runs I’ll take it!). It was great! Although Jeopardy! was really tough yeseterday. I knew basically nothing, but even still, it makes my RUNS FLY BY. And I need that with the snail pace I run at, I ended up on the treadmill for almost an hour.


Then I came home to finish the paper, but instead I procrastinated and watched halloween TV, called my parents and sister, ate a delicious dinner of egg salad (premade from TJs is SO GOOD, I know I can make it myself but yeah I’m lazy and I’ve never hard-boiled an egg, and for some reason it makes me nervous), sour batard bread (bastard bread as Sarah says), and a simple arugala and tomato salad. Nom nom nom nom.

mass pile of bread

A couple snacks, a shower, a few downloaded songs, some sour patch kids, and like 10 billion Facebook comments later I had finished my paper at about 1:30am. Not too shabby!


Re-edited my paper this morning to make it flow better. I’m about to go get ready for school nowww but I had to do this first. I also had a yogurt with pomegranate seeds and peanut butter granola for brekkie. Nooooooooom. I LOVE pomegranates but they are such a battle to eat!

One class today to turn in my paper, then internship, then we start crunch time. I have my BIG PRESENTATION for my grad school class on monday (I’m only half terrified, but thats a lot of terror if you ask me) that I have to read and UNDERSTAND all of the articles (which only happens about 1/2 of the time) and then put them into a powerpoint. I also have a psych for stats midterm the same day AND I AM SO CONFUSED with what we are doing. Stats is trying to kill my GPA again. And as my teacher pointed out this class is weighted in ur GPA more because its FIVE UNITS. NOOOOOO. So epic amounts of studying and office hours are happening. I need to get an A or A- at least in this class!!! (I got an A- on the first test, without the extra credit, and we get to drop a test, so I’m set up okay for now!).

Oh, and formal is this FRIDAY. Have I asked anyone? Nope. Whoops. We’ll get there… I have ideas. Heh heh heh :)

Okayyyy well I need to get boogying. Adios amigos!

creepiest picture ever

One thought on “The Halloween that never ends…

  1. Alex says:

    Hooray for FAB pants! Direct from Rio… The land of crazy pants :) I like your vintage pumpkin too… And SHIZAA you look GORGEOUS as wonder woman! Watch out San Diego!

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